About Ilas


ILAS plays an important role in ensuring the safety and quality of goods and services and in protecting the environment.

We accredit management systems certification bodies, calibration and testing labs, inspection bodies, reference material producers, and proficiency test providers. We conduct assessments to make sure our clients follow international standards and are competent to do their work.

Accreditation determines the technical competence and integrity of organizations offering testing, inspection, calibration, verification and certification services (collectively known as conformity assessment).


Accreditation is increasingly being recognized as a valuable tool across a wide range of Government policy areas including better regulation, good governance, fair markets and public confidence. It is already being used by Government as an effective market-led tool for delivering policy more efficiently and to help deliver on its obligations in areas as diverse as healthcare, food production, energy supply, climate change and personal safety.

ILAS accredits a wide range of companies and organizations including governmental entities, commercial businesses, and professional associations. ILAS accreditation programs are based on recognized national and international standards that ensure domestic and/or global acceptance of its accreditations.




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