Explanation Of The Requirements


Conformity assessment bodies (CABs) perform conformity assessments against specified requirements or specifications according to specified methods and procedures. According to the terminology of EN ISO/IEC 17000, specified requirements or specifications and specified methods and procedures are part of a so-called ‘conformity assessment scheme’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘scheme’). The policy rules of the ILAS, as been recorded in ILAS-R002, amongst others, specify that the ILAS , for the purpose of processing an application, for (the extension of) accreditation needs to get conformation that the CAB meets the requirements. Before the ILASstarts an assessment to do so, the CAB should confirm meeting the requirements by means of a self-assessment. The result of the selfassessment shall be submitted to the ILASwith the application for accreditation. In case of an application for accreditation for a scheme, the CAB shall also perform a self-assessment and provide the results to the ILAS. 

This explanatory document, explains the criteria that are especially relevant for a self-assessment of a scheme. In the process of assessment of an application for (extension of) accreditation (see ILAS R002), the ILAS evaluates the scheme based on the data provided by the CAB. This evaluation has to provide insight in the ability of the CAB that uses the scheme to comply with the accreditation requirements.  

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