ISO 10002


ISO 10002; Complaints, an organization’s products or complaints made about himself and the evaluation process is the result of explicit or implicit expression of dissatisfaction expected an answer or solution.

Keep an organization’s existing customers in his hand, it is at least four times more expensive to acquire new customers. Constantly exert great efforts to repair its damaged reputation organizations lose customers.

Innovation in products and services In today’s competitive environment leads to a redefinition levels of performance. A good Complaints Management System, manage customers’ needs for a successful business and is one of the most important requirements in terms of protecting their brand.

Customer Satisfaction standard, ISO 10002 standard guidelines for implementing a System Complaint Management, to define how successfully they deal with the complaints of the customers helps organizations manage and understand.

This standard specifies the key requirements for handling customer complaints successfully and includes complaints management controls to help you cope with your business customer dissatisfaction.

Who will be interested?

ISO 10002 is relevant to all organizations, customers who want to offer services beyond their expectations. private organizations want to go well beyond the expectations of customers, whether they are based on the public sector or voluntary organizations is generally a requirement for businesses of all types and sizes.

Why choose us?

This is how you know you can use until the end of the benefits of your complaints management system, we help ensure your customers’ complaints conversion to provide the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Customer complaints management There are several benefits of our application and certification system:

* Customer retention in your hands

By adopting the management system, you increase your ability to retain the loyalty of your customers.

* Brand reputation

Complaints management system and implement your document, you play in a real stability reasons to please your shareholders, your customers and complaints to assess, analyze, and indicates that your current process for reviewing.

* Operational efficiency

Application and you identify trends by providing a consistent approach to handling customer queries certification, allows you to eliminate the causes of complaints and improve your organization’s operations.

* Improved internal communication and relationships

Complaints help you adopt a customer-centric approach to resolving encourages your employees while also developing their ability to work with customers

* Flexibility

This standard is compatible with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and helps you improve your organization’s effectiveness and value added to the value. ISO 10002 – Annex A provides guidance for small businesses in particular.

* Continuous Improvement

Complaints of your evaluation process, the resolution of complaints and where improvements can be done continuously revising and preparing the ground for analysis.

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