ISO 50001


Today it carries even greater significance gradually Energy, is based on energy on the principle of efficient use of ISO 50001 Energy Management System, which can be applied to all types of businesses small to large in every sector, it is a management system that can be implemented as integrated with other management systems such as might be alone.

ENMS, to determine the energy policy of the organization, the purpose of managing the energy consumption and energy management in the framework of programs created in line with the targets and energy management systems are based on the provision of evaluating the performance improvement.

ENMS its incorporation as a result of improvement in;

Official win of the energy policy
a systematic approach reduction in energy costs through managing my energy consumption
Environmental protection:
Resource efficient use of
greenhouse gas reduction of emissions
to ensure compliance with the legislation
in particular Environmental Management System, including to be easily integrated with other management systems

Energy management systems — Requirements

With regard to the constantly increasing demands of interested parties (company, customer and organisation) for an energy management system and effective implementation in organisations, the following standard has been processed for energy management systems.

ISO 50001:2011 – Energy Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use

The standard specifies the requirements for the energy management system in such a manner as to enable organisations to create policies and goals which take into consideration the legislative requirements and information relating to significant aspects of energy. The standard is designated for all types and sizes of organisations, without regard to their geographical, cultural or social conditions, meaning that it can be applied in fields ranging heavy industry to catering or state administration.
The standard is divided into chapters, the structure of which is analogous to that in standard EN ISO 14001. For organisations which have introduced a system of environmental management this represents a considerable simplification upon implementing standard ISO 50001. The standard may however be introduced independently within the organisation with other management systems, and may also be used for the purpose of certification by a third party.

Benefits of Certification according to ISO 50001:2011

Assistance to organisations in creating management systems and processes essential for increasing energy efficiency;
Reduction of costs and emissions of greenhouse gases by means of a systematic approach to energy management;
Promotion of awareness of own responsibility;
Profile / Image;
Competitive advantages.

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